Coco + choirs

Since releasing Wonderland (fall 2016) I have had the joy of visiting and singing with dozens of choirs across Canada and beyond. It all started in the fall of 2014 when I uploaded a video to YouTube singing a song I had just written called "The River". Within months, choirs had started singing this song and I hadn't even stepped into the studio yet!

What a beautiful thing it was to record the Wonderland album knowing that the songs were already connecting in this way. I also knew that I wanted to visit and sing with as many of these choirs as possible.

And so I have been, and loving every minute of it:

Choir Photos

Choir Videos

To show up in each new town and be immediately embraced by a community of people who sing together is an incredible thing. I have always loved to sing for people, but to sing with them is an even greater joy. I have found a new passion and my new calling.

If I haven't met you yet, I would love to!

Send a note to if you’re interested in a collaboration performance and/or workshops, let’s join our voices together in song! Also send a note or tag me if you or your choir are singing one or more of my songs. It's a beautiful thing to watch them travel.