Sing Along Learning Page :)

Hello singing friends! Welcome to the sing along learning page. This is where you can find videos where I will teach you how to sing the harmony parts on my songs. You can check these videos out before coming to one of my concerts and then be ready to take part in extra special sing along moments where the audience becomes a pop-up mass choir in harmony! 

For each song there are 2 videos. The first video will build the chorus harmony parts and then review them individually and also offer up instruction notes about the song. Video 2 will always be the full song start to finish for you to practice along with. So, sing along, have fun, experiment trying different parts at home to see where your voice feels the most comfortable.

Then all you have to do is get your tickets to a Coco show, pick your seats, and get ready for an evening of soul, folk, jazz and sing along fun. See you soon! ~ Coco

Pro tip: When in doubt, sing the melody or just take a break and smile till you catch your spot again... that's what I do! :)


feature sing along songs for fall 2018: 

My Day: This song is about getting past our fears so we can move forward in our lives and within ourselves.  

That Old Feeling: In this song we will sing about the healing and joy and peace that can be found when we gather with close friends and let ourselves truly engage in a moment together.

My Day chorus lyrics:

My day, my day

Let my, my day be done

Let the worry fade and let my

Tomorrow come                                                                                 

In the video you can hear a thumping beat. At the concert I will be making that rhythm by stomping my foot on the ground. Once you're feeling comfortable with the singing part, feel free to try stomping and singing at the same time... it's fun! And then after the bridge you'll notice I bring in hand claps between the stomps. If you can get those going too it's even more fun. 

That Old Feeling chorus lyrics:

we... gather around when we can

and we... let ourselves be true

doesn't... matter how the years go by

that old... feeling always comes through

Think of these as if they were campfire sing alongs. I'm not worried about perfection, the only important thing is that everyone who wants to sing feels invited and comfortable to do so. Every voice is different and we will all lift each other when we sing together. That's the sound and the feeling we are aiming for. It's ok if you sing a wrong word or note or miss coming in in a spot. If we let ourselves sing it how we sing it in the moment, that will be how it's meant to be, and it will be beautiful. :)