“Coco is the ultimate musical spark plug... an electrical connector through which the creative energy flows. In my 30 years of touring around the world, I have never seen another performer able to bring people together like Coco does.” ~ James Keelaghan - Artist Director, Summerfolk and renowned Canadian singer/ songwriter 

The first thing you notice about Coco Love Alcorn, is the voice. It's a rich, dynamic, supremely soulful instrument – hailed by the press as extraordinary, beautiful, and stunning – that has a way of touching your heart and making you care. 

As a performer, Alcorn is always in the moment, joyful, and genuine. She combines diverse musical influences including jazz, R&B, pop, folk, and Gospel. Her playful and witty character, love of improvising, and willingness to engage fearlessly with the audience has made Alcorn an established presence on the Canadian music scene. 

Born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and now based in Owen Sound, Ontario, Alcorn’s career has spanned more than 20 years, 12 (9 solo) albums, cross-Canada tours, collaborations, festival appearances, award nominations, and notable success in TV and film licensing. And it took someone with a spirit like Alcorn's to navigate this path. 

"Throughout my career I have explored across many genres, collaborations and projects, taking a winding path to get to here,” she says. “But I’ve loved every step of my journey and trusted my inner curiosity to take me where it wanted to go.” 

That sense of exploration lead to her new and 12th album, Rebirth, a powerful personal statement, from a conscious human being, documenting her continuing journey toward spiritual growth. With a brave and confessional vulnerability, Alcorn asks herself the kind of questions that come to define one’s life and how to live it; for example, what’s the difference between want and need? How can you forgive yourself? 

Sonically, Rebirth positions itself somewhere in a Bermuda triangle bounded by funky grooves, Gospel soul, and wicked R&B. With Alcorn’s spectacular voice taking the lead, her backing musicians simmer sympathetically or come to a rolling boil, depending on what each song demands. 

“‘Rebirth’ is about finding a path forward again after pain and loss,” says Alcorn of the title track. “‘How much of what I want is what I need,’ is a question I ask myself often. I have been having this ongoing conversation with myself for many years. It’s a lifelong mission for most of us, to get better at listening to the quiet truth from our inner most self, to hear that above the noise of the world around us, and to hold onto and follow that path.”

Professional history

Press Quotes


…legendary soul-folk singer-songwriter”  ~The Coast, Halifax


  “Coco Love Alcorn should be celebrated as a Canadian treasure”  ~ CKUA (Edmonton) 


  “Coco has the voice, the look and most importantly the presence of a true Canadian star.” - Luke Bowden - Echo Weekly (Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph) 

“A bright burst of colour amidst the many shades of indie grey.” - Lara Purvis - Ottawa Xpress 

"With arrangements as bright as the material, Alcorn takes a lot of chances here and pulls it off." - John P. McLaughlin - The Vancouver Province   

"Most surprising is the fact that this album full of gospel and Motown backup vocals, Casio, guitar and handclaps came mostly out of one woman." - Sarah Greene - Now Magazine  

"as sweet and cool as a tub of haagen-dazs" - Chatelaine Magazine (July 2009) 

"vocal power and impressive improv skills" - Jen Hoyer - See Magazine (live review: Myer Horowitz Theatre, Edmonton, May 29, 2010) 

“Coco Love Alcorn should be celebrated as a Canadian treasure” - Tony King - Host of Alberta Morning on CKUA (Edmonton) 

 “A young veteran of every genre” - The Toronto Star 

"one of the most soothing, uniquely refreshing vocalists in Canada" - Shain Shapiro - The View Weekly (Hamilton, On)   

 "amazing" - Jim Dupuis - Earshot   

"Her voice is a revelation" - The Standard (st catharines)  

"the feel of classic R&B but with a modern singer-songwriter’s sensibility" - Sing Out 

"a sensual alto that elegantly captures old school soul" - the Hamilton Spectator